Agency Brochure
+ + + + Registering for 2015 - 2016 + + + +

Do you want to be registered for work with
THE CASTING NETWORK from April 2015- 31 December 2016?

If you have previously attended a registration appointment in Wimbledon, then you were officially registered.

If you have ONLY completed an online application, even if you have received offers of work or have been availability-checked, you are still only at the applicant stage.

When we receive your application, you will be sent an email, detailing all the things we require you to do in order to fulfill the requirements to be considered for work through The Casting Network.

The Casting Network does not charge an administration fee, book fee or take an 'annual' fee from the payment for your first job of the year through the Agency. Only Commission and VAT are deducted. You are classed as Self Employed for Tax and National Insurance Contributions so please keep records of your earnings as we cannot supply copies or give you retrospective information.

1. We are not re-registering or taking on new applicants from the resource who applied for work in Swansea or Folkestone as we do not expect to have work in those areas this year or any NEW applicants who live more than 50 miles from Central London.

2. If you have been told that for any reason, you will not be offered any further work from the Agency, we cannot re register you either.


But…… if you wish to be registered for work with the Agency:

On the website, you can now update your own:

  • contact details and bank details
  • measurements
  • skills
  • trade or profession
  • whether you are right or left handed
  • languages you speak fluently
  • change of vehicle, colour and year
  • change of dog, type, date of birth

    >>>> <<<<

    Any profile which does not contain complete & accurate measurements or does not have complete contact details, email address or correct bank details will be deleted.

    Do you want to be considered for featured work or voice overs?

    We have provided a template for you to complete with details of your training and experience, to which you should your Spotlight View Pin and there is a facility to add a link to your showreel and/or voice-clip, Please do NOT include details of work as a supporting artist on your CV.


    You can also upload new photos, which will have to meet the criteria in the email we will send you about registration. At present, you cannot delete photos currently on the site, but you can overwrite them with new images.


    If you have any problems uploading new images, adding CVs including links or changing contact, personal or vehicle details, please contact the website manager 
    Guy Cullimore 01480 400600.

    Please do NOT contact the agency as we cannot help with technical problems.
    Professional Showreels
    • Do you need a showreel to be compiled from existing clips of work you have already done or prepared from scratch?
    • Do you need a voice-clip sample converted into an emailable format?

    We recommend the services of Dan Ball at Pro Reels.
    Contact him direct for a quote. His charges are very competitive. (£50 for a showreel, 3-5 minutes)
    Ask him about what he charges for a compilation of  voice clips.
    Mention The Casting Network when you call:

    Dan Ball  07814 651280

    See links to his work AND info onhow he recommends the material to be sent at his website

    + Photography Days Now Being Held +

    We have once again teamed up with Guy Cullimore Photography to provide you with the photographs you require for your profile at a special discounted rate.

    To view the dates and book an appointment click below.

    >>>> <<<<

    If you need a new professional headshot or a complete set of the photos we require, there is a photographic session on

    27 February 2016 in Wimbledon

    The photographer will also upload these images to your profile for you.

    The Casting Network is primarily an agency supplying paid work to supporting artists, stand ins and doubles in feature films, television productions, television commercials, music & corporate videos and photographic work. We also put forward trained actors for castings for featured roles in the UK and abroad, but these actors must have an accredited training, Spotlight Number and a CV in our online template within their own website profile

    The Casting Network is NOT affiliated to Casting Networks UK which is a totally different company providing a service between actors and 'decision makers'.

    The Casting Network is owned by Lesley Gogarty, who has over 30 years experience in casting supporting artists and her team have all been personally trained by her to the highest professional standard.

    If you are not prepared to work as a supporting artist, please do not complete an online application.
    The Casting Network is not a personal management agent.



    This is to remind all our SAs to email your Basic Disclosure Certificate to before 1 January 2016 or we have been informed that we cannot put you forward to work on television productions.

    A newsletter was emailed to everyone a few weeks ago that contained all the details of this requirement, where you can obtain your certificate, how long they are valid and what they cost.

    In addition can you please check that we have the requisite copy page of your passport and any appropriate work visa?

    Both must be in date.

    Supplying this ID is a standard requirement of any kind of employment in the UK.
    Can I also remind you that since April 2014, anyone working as an SA is now classed as self-employed and you are responsible for paying your own National Insurance Contributions and for declaring your earnings to HMRC for tax purposes.

    You are never at any time classed as an employee of The Casting Network. You are employed through the agency not by the agency and legally, your employer is always the production company.

    May I remind you that early in the New Year, it is likely we will change our method of checking your availability from texting to email. Please ensure you own a phone that is enabled to send and receive emails.
    Should you have any questions, please call the office on weekdays during office hours only 020 8391 2979.


    All payment enquiries MUST be put in writing and sent via email to
    Don't miss out the word 'the' and please write 'Payment query' in the subject box.

    Too many people continue to phone up and verbally launch into their payment enquiry, when such matters should be detailed in writing which allows them to be dealt with efficiently and thoroughly.
    PLEASE NOTE: Payments usually take from 6-12 weeks from the date you work to the date you receive your fees by direct payment into your bank account.
    Please do not contact the agency regarding late payment until 12 weeks have elapsed from the date you worked.

    In addition, please ensure we always have your corrrect mobile telephone number, to which we can text you about your availability for work.

    Lesley Gogarty
    The Casting Network Ltd

    Registered in England Company Number 2801428
    Registered Office, Handel House,
    95 High Street, Edgware Middlesex HA8 7DB
    (no correspondence)